Yosemite – Early Spring Trip

We booked our early spring trip to Yosemite, in Mid-March, to see the big water and wild flowers. But there was still snow on the ground in the valley and it was cold and rainy. Every year is different. So, we punted and cancelled our reservation. If you cancel a week in advance there’s not charge.

We picked this weekend, late April, to go. The falls are going crazy and the dogwoods are in bloom. Perfect.

You may ask, how we able to get a reservation. Isn’t Yosemite booked well in advance? The answer is, of course, yes. But just as we cancled a week in advance, all year long people make reservations months in advance. Life happens and they have to cancel. So start checking daily, several times a day, about two weeks before the dates you want. And don’t pause, rooms appear and disappear in minutes and you don’t have a room until you complete the reservation process. Why two weeks? If somebody has a week booked and cancels a week before they were to arrive their last day, two weeks later surfaces.

Be diligent and book one day at a time if necessary. We stay in the lodge but there are tent cabins and camping if you’re up for that and it’s certainly less expensive. Good luck

For more information link to my longer post:

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